AIS 140 GPS tracker in Triprayar


AIS 140 GPS Tracker

As the best GPS Tracking Company in Kerala, Maaztrack has launched a market leading AIS140 approved GPS tracking device in Triprayar. Covering all areas of Triprayar, our award winning Government approved GPS trackers and powerful app and web platform provide a solution for all walks of life from school buses to commercial vehicles to independent taxi drivers.

AIS 140 GPS Tracker Features

Remote Cut-off (Petrol/Power)

Compel the vehicle to stopby breaking off the fuel connection

Configurable traking modes

Location uploaded following fixed distance, time interview, present cornering.

Dust & Waterproof

Flly protected by IP66 Dust & Waterproof

SOS Button

We bring to your GPS traker with Panic button SOS button/ Emergency button is mandatory as per AIS 140 standard.

ACC detection for Ignition Status

Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need

Vehicle battery Protection

Never drain out of the battery of vehicle for optimal protection.

Inbuilt storage Battery backup (1100 mAh)

Wide operating voltage applicable to all types of vehicles

Tracked by: App

Reports location in real timethrough different interfaces.

AIS 140

Who Needs AIS 140 GPS Tracker?

AIS-140 is the intelligent transport system that is a new addition for automotive industry standards. The intelligent transport system (ITS) is a much needed requirement of the world of vehicles. The vehicles on the road are increasing daily and therefore there is a need of a government guidelines which specify the emergency and safety standards that need to be implied in all kind of public transport systems. These include all kinds of rail, road, air and water transportation modules to be fitted with AIS-140 GPS devices. There are two kinds of AIS-140 requirements in a GPS device – emergency button and vehicle location tracking.


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